Compared with ThreadDB #

ThreadDB is a serverless, distributed, peer-to-peer database.

IceFireDB is a database built for web3 and web2,The core mission of the project is to help applications quickly achieve decentralization,built for Data dao.

system targetP2P DatabasesA decentralized database platform built for Data dao.
storage engine supportIPFSgoleveldb、badger、IPFS、CRDT、IPFS-LOG、OSS
network support typeP2PP2P、RAFT、NATS
Data type supportSQLKV、Strings、Hashes、Lists、Sorted Sets、Sets、SQL、PubSub
Software integration methodBinary software integrationSoftware library integration, binary software integration、web3 platform integration
web3 supportNo smart contract planSmart contracts are being supported、Build data dao database platform
computer language used to implementGoGo
Ecological client languageGoAny client that supports the redis、mysql protocol

Thanks ThreadDB #

Thanks to ThreadDB for letting us see the excellent implementation of decentralized SQL database.